Orthotics and Insoles

Stop wasting time and money buying insoles that don’t work. At Foot Traffik, we carry the best doctor recommended shoe insoles and arch supports that you won’t find anywhere else.

Over-the-counter insoles, also known as orthotics, or arch supports are a great low-cost option for treating general foot pain, back pain, and knee pain. Orthotics can also provide relief from plantar fasciitis heel pain, ball-of-foot pain, arthritis and joint pain.

Not all insoles or store-bought insoles are equal. The knowledgeable professionals at Foot Traffik can recommend what orthotic is right for you.

We carry a variety of insoles to fit your feet.

  • Powerstep Insoles – Your feet will love the support of these prescription strength insoles. Great for athletic shoes, work shoes, boots and even flats and heels!
  • Spenco Insoles – Shoe insoles great for athletic shoes, works shoes and boots.
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  • Diabetic Insoles – Protect your feet from diabetic foot ulcers with custom diabetic insoles and orthotics.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics – Custom orthotics made from the shape of your foot provide years of support and long-term foot pain relief.