Who Are We?

We are Foot Traffik!

We are a team of experienced foot professionals dedicated to helping you find the solution to your foot pain so that your feet can feel their best.  We carry a wide selection of podiatrist recommended products that are all “good for your feet”.

But we are more than just merchandise; we have highly trained staff with more than 100 years combined experience in the “healthy feet” industry. Our staff will not just show you products, but is ready, willing and able to provide guidance and advice on your foot care needs.

Does your foot pain require more than a store can provide?

No problem! We have a podiatry office right next door!

Our podiatrist partners at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers are foot and ankle specialists that offer solutions for skin and nail problems, bunions, heel and arch pain, hammertoes, shin splints, ankle pain and a wide range of other foot and ankle conditions.

Find Help From Qualified Specialists

Is your foot pain stopping you from the activities you love?  We Can Help! Contact the “Good For Your Feet” Professionals.

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