Foot Care Products

All our “Good For Your Feet” products are podiatrist-recommended. Whether you’re suffering from pain in the bottom of your heel, bunions, hammertoes or skin and nail problems, Foot Traffik has the solution for you.

Below is a list of some of our foot care products, listed with the corresponding foot condition.

Heel and Arch Pain – Get relief from everyday heel pain, plantar fasciitis with our selection of arch supports and products to relieve heel pain.

plantar fascia sleeve 1              powerstep insoles              arch binder
Bunions or Hammertoes –  Get help for your bunion with Darco Toe Alignment.

Darco Bunion Splint                     hammertoes splint

Nail Fungus – Do you have thick, discolored, brittle toenails? Stop nail fungus with the Clarus Anti-fungal Solution.  Dr.’s Remedy nail polish is all-natural and vegan-friendly with vitamins and anti-fungal properties.

                        Dr.'s Remedy Polish

Athlete’s Foot, Dry or Cracked Skin – Relieve burning, dry, itching feet with our selection of foot creams and anti-fungal solutions.

Clarus Antifungal cream                ceravae

Orthotics and Shoe Insoles – Find relief from everyday foot pain with our doctor-recommended orthotics and shoe insoles. Great for everyday use whether at work or play!

powerstep insoles    Powerstep 3      spenco insole 2   spenco insoles


Can’t find what you are looking for? Or not sure what your foot problem needs?

Contact a “Good For Your Feet” Professional at (562) 753-5279, we are happy to help you find the solution to your foot problem.