Our Podiatrist Partners

At Foot Traffik, we work with our team of foot professionals at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers to provide you with the best solution and products to help you eliminate your foot pain. We also offer solutions for skin and nail problems, bunions, heel and arch pain, shin splints and many other foot and ankle problems.

Does your foot pain require more than a store can provide? – No problem, we have a podiatry office next door!  Contact a foot specialist today 562-433-0478.

Podiatry Partners at Sol Foot & Ankle Centers

Dr. GravesRichard H. Graves, DPM is one of Long Beach’s top podiatrists. With over 20 years of experience as a dedicated podiatrist and avid runner, he is known as “The Running Podiatrist”. He will not only help you eliminate your foot and ankle pain, but will take the time to listen to your fitness goals and give you advice for protecting your feet while training.


Dr. ShiraiMie Shirai, DPM is dedicated to the health of your feet. She is Sol Foot & Ankle Centers’ diabetic wound care specialist. Whether you’re suffering from heel pain, ankle pain or even an ingrown toenail, Dr. Shirai knows how to help you.