Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Plantar View of Foot Approximately 75% of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their life.

Foot pain can be caused by a variety of reasons.  Below is a list of common foot problems and conditions that can help identify your foot pain.

Heel and Arch Pain – Heel and Arch pain can often go hand in hand and may be caused by foot structure, improper arch support, overuse and injury. Plantar fasciitis, is a common condition that affects a large number of the population.

Abnormal Gait – Abnormal pronation, or the rolling inward of the foot, may not always cause foot pain directly but can put you at risk of developing other foot, ankle or related problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, shins splints, hip pain and low back pain.

Flat Feet – This condition is mostly genetic or inherited. Flat feet can cause foot pain, ankle pain, back pain and even knee pain.

Ankle pain – When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Anytime you have ankle pain you should proceed with caution. Whether it is from an injury or overuse ankle pain can be a sign that something more serious may be going on. If you have ankle pain don’t wait for it to go away. Seek help from one of our qualified podiatrists.

BunionsBunions, or swollen bumps at the base of the big toe, or a bunionette on the 5th toe, can be painful and make shoe shopping difficult. Bunions require extra care when choosing shoes in order to avoid putting pressure on the big toe joint. At Foot Traffik we have a variety of shoes styles and widths to accommodate a wide variety of foot problems.

Diabetic Foot Care – Diabetics need to extra careful with their feet! Diabetic feet are at increased risk of infections and ulcers due to decreased blood flow. Wearing diabetic approved foot wear, checking your feet daily and having an experienced podiatrist on your side is a must for any diabetic.

Knee Pain – Knee pain is common problem that affects a large number of the population. Knee pain can be from a number of reasons such as injury, overuse, pronation or gait.

More about common foot problems from the American Podiatric Medical Association.